Devil’s Hunt To Release For PC Via Steam On September 17th, 2019

Amazingly, Devil’s Hunt has no proper PC specs as of this writing, which is a huge warning sign for this generic-looking game given that its release is set to take place in just a few days. Apart from that conundrum, ahead of the upcoming third-person action game’s release comes a new story trailer showing off the combat in Devil’s Hunt.

If you are looking to jump into the console world of Devil’s Hunt, expect things to take a while in that the PS4, Xbox One, and Switch versions are slated to go live sometime in Q1 2020.

Besides all of the platform stuff, the combat looks generic in that it’s the familiar freeze-frame on contact system. In other words, the exchanging of janky and weightless attacks between the player and enemies are broken up by the act of split-second freeze sessions.

As for the story, the war between demons and angels takes a guy that looks like he failed to make into the world of DMC to hell and back. Yes, this guy named Desmond hones demonic powers and can decide the fate of our world by joining either side of the conflict at a whim — like Sam Smith choosing his pronouns.

Anyway, you can check out the latest trailer for the upcoming game right here:

“The war between Demons and Angels takes you to hell and back in this third person action game. You are Desmond, the one man with demonic powers who can decide the fate of our world by joining either side of the conflict.”

If you don’t know, Devil’s Hunt is based on the original novel by Polish author Paweł Leśniak.

Speaking of the book, the upcoming game doesn’t look like it will play like a long cut-scene, but I could be wrong. However, we’ll find out soon enough.

Devil’s Hunt is gearing up to release for PC via Steam on September 17th, 2019.


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