Dual Gear, Mecha Game Beta Phase Set For December 2019

Back in June of this year, we reported on the upcoming turn-based mecha game, Dual Gear, having an August update. Well, it looks like the update for 2019’s eighth month is an update for an update. The promised playable beta looks like it might drop this December.

It should come in as no surprise that Dual Gear has no official release date besides “Coming Soon” for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

The good news is that the update for an update reveals the 12th month is beta phase time. The forthcoming beta was hinted at in late 2018 and still seems to be on track to release this year — barely, though.

The devs over the mecha game released the following tweet not too long ago reassuring fans that Dual Gear is not only still a thing, but pledgers and fans alike can soon go-hands on with the beta version in a few months:

Upon heading on over to the official website for Dual Gear will pull up a splash screen (or the above header image) with the words “December 2019 Beta Phase Start!” And if you head on over to indiegogo.com you’ll be met with the following notice:

“Hi all pilot!


We already update something on our official website from the last 31 August, The update including with the Beta phase starting time. Please stay tuned for the incoming details!


[…] And one more thing! All contribution via Indiegogo campaign will end on this 30th November 2019 to open the way of the Beta Phase in December!”

Hopefully, fans and backers can play the early build this December without the beta phase jumping into 2020.

Anyway, if you like mecha and can’t wait for this turn-based game to drop, you can keep up with all things Dual Gear by visiting dualgeargame.com or its Indiegogo page.

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