Konami Hasn’t Ruled Out Making High-End Console Games According To Masami Saso

Despite Konami heavily relying on mobile games, PES titles and live service mechanics to make bank, the company seems to be doing rather well according to its quarterly financial calls in that this has been the fifth consecutive time Konami has made a profit. However, it looks like the company isn’t ruling out high-end console games.

I’m sure fans would like to see bigger and better and more polished games from Konami. Well, that might happen in the foreseeable future. Even though the publisher loves its mobile and PES games, high-end titles aren’t out of the equation if Konami Europe president, Masami Saso, words hold any weight.

According to a new report by website gamesindustry.biz, Saso relays that with new platforms coming out, the company believes high-end console games are the most important.

Although it sounds like PR speak, Saso says Konami strives for innovative ideas and technology within the company’s console games and attempts to apply them to other devices.

You can read the aforesaid right here:

“Even with new platforms coming out, we believe high-end console games are the most important. We challenge for innovative ideas and technology within our console games and apply them to other devices, so we will continue to put effort into our console games. We also plan to increase our portfolio. In addition to the multi-device titles for PES and Yu-Gi-Oh, we plan to work on projects with other globally known IPs in the near future.”

The publication site makes mention of Konami’s current console generation output, and so far the Japanese publisher has only released titles such as Metal Gear: Ground Zeroes, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pains, Metal Gear: Survive, Super Bomberman R, Yu-Gi-Oh and the yearly iterations of Pro Evolution Soccer.

Despite Konami not having anything to announce on the line of Metal Gear, Silent Hill or any other groundbreaking titles, we now know that “high-end console” games aren’t ruled out. However, will the PC community ever get a piece of the pie? That remains unanswered for now.


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