Light Fairytale, Indie JRPG Arrives On Xbox One September 12th

Light Fairytale

Neko.Works’ Light Fairytale launched on Steam for PC back in mid May. The game is a throwback JRPG with 3D visuals and a classic hero’s tale to follow. The game is now prepping to release on the Xbox One starting September 12th for $9.99. For the week leading up to the game’s release on Microsoft’s console, you can pre-order the digital outing for 25% off the normal price for only $7.49.

The Japanese role-playing game is made by the same indie studio that produced Super Night Rider, which was like a fusion of Top Gear and Road Rash.

Light Fairytale draws heavy inspiration from late 1990s JRPGs such as Final Fantasy VII, Jade Cocoon and Arc The Lad. It’s a dieselpunk tale about about a boy and his friend trying to escape from the tyrannical empire that rules the underground city in which they reside. They’ll have to team-up with fellow adventurers and tap into their hidden power in order to overcome the odds.

The anime intro is a nice touch.

The actual gameplay is played isometrically with chibi 3D characters, not unlike Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles. The aesthetics, however, are quite dark and tap into the theme of the game taking place in an underground city where light doesn’t get through. There’s this grungy, futuristic warehouse feel to the design of the environments and stages.

The whole story for the game will span multiple episodes, but right now they’re just focused on getting the first episode up and out on as many platforms as possible.

With the PC version done, they’re now targeting the Xbox One for release in the middle of September, followed by an eventual launch on the PS4.

There’s no time frame on when the PS4 version will go live but it’s expected to launch in the “upcoming months”.

For now you can get your hands on Light Fairytale‘s first episode over on the Steam store or you can pick up a copy from the Microsoft Store for the Xbox One come September 12th.

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