My Friend Pedro Heads To Retail For Nintendo Switch November 12th
My Friend Pedro

One of the most inventive games to come out this year is DeadToast Entertainment’s My Friend Pedro, a 2.5D side-scrolling shoot-’em-up that combines all of the acrobatic bullet-ballet from Max Payne, but with a healthy dose of platforming action and physics-based kill-shots that would make the carrot-munching protagonist from Shoot ‘Em Up blush. For those of you who craved the opportunity to play the game straight from the cart when it arrives on the store shelves of participating retailers on November 12th.

The news was picked up by The Geekiary, who reported that the blazing bullet-ballet title would be receiving a physical release on Switch courtesy of Nighthawk Interactive, who will be working as the distributor for the title.

The physical package will retail for $29.99 and it will include a 11”x17” poster, a sticker pack, a reversible cover, the game’s soundtrack, and the cart for the Nintendo Switch.

I’m loving the line-up of content that will be provided in the full retail package. It sounds like the sort of thing that used to make us gamers giddy when we would walk into CompUSA and see those giant, heavy boxes filled to the brim with goodies inside, or make the trip to Funcoland or Blockbuster Video and pick up the box and feel the weight of the colored instructional booklet inside and maybe a registration card to receive newsletters and updates from the publisher.

Those were fine times… the true golden age of gaming.

Anyway, My Friend Pedro received some high marks from real gamers, and was lauded for its high-octane antics and over-the-top action scenarios. If you’re into physics-based shooters with some ridiculously entertaining set-pieces and encounters, you’ll probably want to keep an eye out for the retail edition of My Friend Pedro when it drops for the Nintendo Switch on November 12th. Pre-orders for the game are currently live at select retailers, including GameStop.


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