Negative Atmosphere, Dead Space-Inspired Teaser Trailer Features An Untimely Fatality

Negative Atmosphere

Back in April we covered a little game called Negative Atmosphere from Sunscorched Studios. The game was demonstrated at the EGX Rezzed event back in spring, giving gamers just four minutes worth of gameplay. Well, Sunscorched rolled out a new trailer for Negative Atmosphere, giving gamers a little bit of something new to latch onto in preparation of the upcoming release.

The new trailer is just under two minutes long, introducing gamers to little more than just a brief bit of gameplay where combat medic Samuel Edwards preps to round a corner only to be met with space mutant who impales him… twice.

You can check out the trailer below.

This newest trailer doesn’t give us much in the way of combat or mechanics, and instead just shows off one of the many ways that Edwards can meet his fate.

Much like Dead Space, the enemy encounters in Negative Atmosphere can quickly turn deadly if you don’t take flight or take offensive measures to keep Edwards’ head attached to his body.

The big difference between Dead Space and Negative Atmosphere is that you’ll have more standardized weaponry at your disposal in the latter game instead of just relying on engineering equipment and power tools.

Sunscorched’s Unreal Engine 4-powered survival-horror experience doesn’t have a release date in tow just yet, but they did want to show some of the updated gameplay for the title. It’s not much but they seem to have the lighting down, the enemy designs are coming along well, and the animations look pretty good.

It’s amazing what an indie developer can pull off with a little time, imagination and a powerful set.

You can keep track of Negative Atmosphere by following the development on Twitter, or you can donate to the cause by visiting the Sunscorched Patreon account.

(Thanks for the news tip Vladdy Kirov)

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