New Guilty Gear TGS Trailer Teases May

Guilty Gear

Arc System Works released a new trailer for the upcoming Guilty Gear due to drop in 2020 for home consoles and PC. The trailer specifically focuses on Ky and Sol as the two exchange blows and unleash their specials in dynamic and breathtakingly gorgeous ways.

The art direction here is the real star of the trailer. The use of the spatial lighting, reserved application of highlighting, and the stage transitions all meld together perfectly.

The trailer doesn’t reveal too much of anything that we haven’t really already seen before – with the very brief exception of May – but it does showcase more of the combat and gameplay and some of the moves and combos that both Ky and Sol can execute in the upcoming 2.5D fighting game.

What we get to see more of in this minute long trailer is how excellent the animation work is handled in this upcoming title.

In particular there’s a synergy complimentary artistry between the animation team and the camera department, this includes both the camera design and the way it syncs with specific animations to make them look as fanciful as they do.

The cinematic angles align with the way the lighting engineers manage to capture each character under specific circumstances, allowing every pixel to shine, every shadow to brood, and every light to glow in all the right ways.

Guilty Gear - May

This isn’t just another cel-shaded, anime fighter, this is a depiction of a painstaking process of creating unparalleled art.

It’s such a shame that Arc System Works is the only studio brazen enough to explore using the Unreal Engine in such an inventive way. There’s so much artistic potential bubbling beneath the surface of Epic’s widely used game engine, but very few developers seem to bother to make use of those tools.

Anyway, you’ll be able to see May in action next at CEOTAKU, which is set to take place between September 27th and September 29th in Orlando, Florida.

This newest Guilty Gear is due out for home consoles and PC next year in 2020.

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