New Guilty Gear Trailer Spotlights May And Her Spats
New Guilty Gear - May

Arc System Works released a new trailer for the New Guilty Gear featuring May, her anchor, a seal, a dolphin, and her black spats under her overly large sweatjacket.

The trailer is just under a minute long, with only 30 seconds dedicated to May and her moves, as she swings, kicks, punches, and tail-whips her opponents with the help of the seal.

You can check out the trailer below.

May looks a little thick in the trailer… very curvy thighs and muscly calves.

She makes use of a lot of overarching attacks and counter moves to keep opponents at bay. She has close and mid-range attacks, so you can’t zone much from a distance without opponents closing the gap with a short hop forward and a dash attack.

They spend enough time with May to give us a look at how her specials can be utilized, but I’m sure those trailers will come later. Arc System works have been slowly revealing each new character on the roster to get gamers hyped for the release in 2020.

The very end of the trailer teases the inclusion of Axl, who has been a longstanding member of the Guilty Gear roster dating back to the 1990s.

We don’t see much of Axl other than his new duds, which actually look pretty sweet. He has on casual action-pants, with wedged boots, a Union Jack belt, a zip-up high-collar shirt and a varsity jacket to top it off.

Axl is definitely looking very spiffy these days. We won’t get to see him in action until the SEA Majors in Singapore set to take place between October 12th and October 13th.

But going back to May… I think they did a good job with her face and expressions. I’m not entirely sold on the sweatjacket, it looks kind of bloated and makes her look really thick, especially with the addition of her very curvaceous thighs.

The New Guilty Gear is due out in 2020 for home consoles and PC.

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