Obsidian And Xbox Team Reportedly Making A New AAA First-Person RPG

First and foremost, the following information leans more toward the rumor side of the things meaning that you should take this info with a grain of salt. With that said, new job listings on Obsidian Entertainment’s end reveals a new AAA first-person RPG is in development with the Xbox Game Studios team.

Very little info has surfaced as of this writing, but website mondoxbox.com adds to the rumor by noting LinkedIn job listings show 12 new open positions that call for programmers, designers, and artists with experience using Unreal Engine 4.

This “new AAA game” calls for talented heads to create an RPG with a day/night cycle, first-person view and close-up and distance combat.

Falling in line with what website mondoxbox.com has up, Twitter user Klobrille — whose accuracy is as checkered as chessboard — picked up on the same thing, too:

To set the record straight with this rumor, Obsidian Entertainment is currently trying to complete the development of The Outer Worlds. However, the rumor has it that the devs are gearing up to work on another game with the Xbox Game Studios team to make whatever this AAA first-person RPG for the foreseeable future.

The questions that remain unanswered are, will the game release broke and barely playable? Will the devs lash out at gamers and mock them before and after the game is released? Will this new AAA game become a timed Epic exclusive after being advertised on Steam? And how much social justice will flood through the game’s veins?

While we wait for answers for those questions, do you believe these new jobs are truly for a new game? And if so, how do you think this AAA first-person RPG with ranged and close-quarters combat will pan out for Microsoft?


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