Open Discussion: September 29th, 2019

The latest Open Discussion has arrived as of September 29th, 2019. This series on OAG allows anyone to write up anything that comes to mind in the comment section. You can talk about video games, movies, events or anything without facing censorship.

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This week’s Open Discussion is about climate change and the recent announcement by some of the games industry biggest players — such as Sony and Microsoft partnering up with the United Nations. As illustrated below, over 20 companies will “harness the power of their platforms” to take action in response to the “climate crisis”:

“Twenty-one of the biggest companies in the video games industry – including Sony Interactive Entertainment, Microsoft, Google Stadia, Rovio, Supercell, Sybo, Ubisoft and WildWorks – formally committed on 23 September 2019 to harness the power of their platforms to take action in response to the climate crisis, as part of the Playing for the Planet Alliance.”

With all of that said, what’re your thoughts on climate change? Also, what’re your thoughts on big games industry players participating in this “initiative”?

Like any other Open Discussion, if you have something else on your mind and wish to share it, you are free to post it up right here. This means that content unrelated to this very topic can be shared without being moved to another section.

This week’s music is Command and Conquer: Red Alert theme:


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