PewDiePie Won’t Donate $50,000 To ADL [Update]


[Update:] Following the publication of the article, a video was posted by PewDiePie explaining that he won’t be donating $50,000 to the ADL. Memology 101 posted up a quick clip showing PewDiePie explaining that he didn’t do his homework on the ADL and that he was advised by others (but he doesn’t say who) to donate to the ADL. He’s still going to donate to a charity but he hasn’t stated who, as of the writing of this update. He won’t be donating to the ADL after people informed him and the rest of the internet about the organizations corruption.

[Original article:] PewDiePie has basically given up on Culture War. He’s been subdued and relegated to a pawn by the very same people who set out to destroy him. Not only did he donate $50,000 to the Anti-Defamation League, the organization that has smeared him for years, but he also justified it with statement on Twitter.

As reported by the National File, Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg donated $50,000 to the ADL. A lot of people were not okay with this and demanded PewDiePie answer for giving money to hate organization, one that actively went out of its way to label Pepe The Frog a “hate symbol”, an organization that managed to get multiple YouTube channels shutdown, and published outright fabricated lies about #GamerGate… on multiple occasions.

This is literally the equivalent of paying a fake news extortionist to leave you alone. So how did PewDiePie justify funding the fake news, hate farm? Well, on September 11th, 2019 he posted the following message.

If you’re unable to read it, he wrote…

“Misrepresenting headlines of me has led me down a path of twists with MSM for years now. Previously it hasn’t bothered me much, I know who I am.


“But, after the ChristChurch travesty a few months ago, my own clash with MSM was manipulated as a tool for destruction.


“I’m not okay with this situation any longer and I’ve felt responsibility to make changes.


“Making a donation to ADL doesn’t make sense to everyone, especially since they’ve outright spoken against me. I wanted to show publicly that I can move past it and move on.


“I think that it’s important, this just isn’t my fight anymore.”

Truer words have never been spoken from a more broken individual.

PewDiePie had already bent the knee back when the ChristChurch shooting occurred and he ended the “Subscribe to PewDiePie” meme because the ChristChurch shooter said it before going on a killing spree.

A lot of fanboys tried running to PewDiePie’s defense on that one, but it was obvious that the writing was already on the wall: he was giving up.

In this scenario here, he’s not only giving up but paying the people who tried to destroy him. As reported by Forbes back in 2017, the ADL was one of the organizations intent on trying to get PewDiePie deplatformed.

He was also called out on the donation by various YouTubers.

It’s like after the rape of Nanking the Chinese paid the Japanese because it wasn’t their fight anymore.
It’s also like Ukraine paying Russia for offending them.

At what point do people stop acting insane and stand up for themselves?

Thankfully the people on Kotaku In Action 2 were quick to criticize PewDiePie’s decision to put money into the pockets of what could pretty much amount to a digital terrorist organization.

Others also criticized the decision on Twitter.

Anyway, you can count PewDiePie out of the fight in the Culture War. He helped fund the villains trying to ruin freedom for everyone else, so that basically lets you know where he stands… and it’s not on the side of freedom.

(Thanks for the news tip QuickShooter)

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