Phoenix Point Cheats Bring Unlimited Health, SP, Ammo, And Food

One of the latest Epic Games Store timed exclusives is Snapshot Games’ Phoenix Point. The strategy turn-based game has a list of cheats that you can download right now if you don’t mind playing on PC via the Epic Games Store.

Firstly, it’s best to mention that the “Backer Build 5” is currently out right now, meaning backers and early-access buyers will be able to play an early version of Phoenix Point ahead of the game’s official December 2019 release.

It’s also worth mentioning that the following cheats may not work at launch and will more than likely require a new version. Anyway, in the meantime, you can check out the 34 active trainers right here:

  • Display All Map Locations
  • Instant Research
  • Instant Construction
  • Instant Manufacturing
  • Large Living Quarters Space
  • Mega Power Generators
  • Mega Storage Space
  • Mega Aircraft Storage Space
  • Mega Vehicle Storage Space
  • Unlimited Training SP
  • Unlimited Phoenix SP
  • Reset Time at Pause or Move
  • Aliens Do Not Attack Havens
  • No Mist Spread
  • Protect Haven Populations
  • Reset Fatigue
  • Unlimited Unit Health
  • Unlimited Unit AP
  • Unlimited Unit WP
  • Reset Body Part Damage
  • Unlimited Ammo Clips
  • No Reload
  • AI Do Not Attack
  • Enable Cheat Menu
  • Game Speed
  • Edit: Food
  • Edit: Materials
  • Edit: Tech
  • Edit: New Jericho
  • Edit: Synedrion
  • Edit: Disciples of Anu
  • Edit: Time Elapsed in Game
  • Edit: SDI Level Meter
  • Edit: Current Health

If you want to snag all of these cheat trainers, you can by visiting However, you must be a premium member on said site to gain access to them all.

Like most Epic Games Store timed exclusives, the Steam edition will launch sometime in 2020. As for the GOG edition, it is expected to go live in 2021 according to

Anyway, the official launch for PC via the Epic Games Store, PS4, and Xbox One is due sometime in December of this year (2019).