Project Resistance Is A 4 Vs. 1 Asymmetrical Survival Game

The rumors about Capcom’s Project Resistance being a turn-based game are wrong, but the speculations of it being a 4 Vs. 1 title similar to the other asymmetrical, multiplayer horror games was spot-on. Yes, Project Resistance for PC via Steam, PS4, and Xbox One will see four people working together to best one player assuming the “master-mind” role.

Project Resistance has no release date as of this writing. Instead, the horror survival game has a beta session planned for the early part of October — running from October 4th to October 7th, 2019.

The idea behind the upcoming game is that you have to clear rooms as a four-person squad against one “master-mind” player. The latter person must place enemies, traps, and other things to slow down or even kill the quartet before they complete their objective.

Furthermore, the “master-mind” can leave the room and assume a zombie or play as a boss like Mr. X to take down the team of four.

Anyway, here’s the official description and latest trailer for Project Resistance:

“Will you work with your allies as a Survivor, or will you crush their attempt to escape as the vicious Mastermind? The choice is yours in this 4 vs 1 asymmetrical co-op experience.”

The characters and their abilities sit below:

  • Tyrone — Tank: Take reduced damage
  • Valerie — Support: Heal Survivors
  • Samuel — Damage: Use powerful melee attacks
  • January — Hacker: Disable security cameras

YouTuber lzuniy has gameplay up showing Capcom’s forthcoming work, which the video in question runs for 11-minutes in length:

In all honesty, this game looks like a fail to me — not that I had high hopes going in. I’m not sure how long this game will run before it falls and joins its sibling Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps? In the meantime, we’ll hear more about Project Resistance in October when the beta goes live.


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