Project Resistance New Gameplay Video Is A Mess

Project Resistance for PC via Steam, PS4, and Xbox One will see four people working together to best one player assuming the “master-mind” role. However, Capcom revealed a new gameplay video showing a full-match, and it looks like a sad mess coupled with repetitive voice-lines.

I have no idea why this new gameplay video is structured so poorly. I’m not sure why the people behind this video thought it was a good idea to show all four players active at one time? But it is what it is.

And don’t get me started on that guy with the poor sounding French accent. Seriously, who thought it would be great to have the master-mind repeat the same lines over and over in a single match?

Also, why can you come back at any time after death? Why not enforce teamwork by adding permadeath (during that round) to enhance the notion of a four-man squad helping each other? I find it weird that this game plays out like Spacelords with its Raiders and Antagonist system, except the Antagonist can place zombies and traps in front of other players in Project Resistance.

Anywho, the video in question sees four people assuming the roles of Tyrone (Tank), Valerie (Support), Samuel (Damage Dealer), and January (Hacker). Additionally, viewers get to see the four traverse and battle through sections of a dungeon that aesthetically looks like a warehouse, while attempting to best the master-mind.

The video sports frame-rate hiccups lies below thanks to Resident Evil‘s YouTube channel:

“Hungry for more info on Project Resistance? Check out what a full match of gameplay looks like on Xbox One from both the Survivor’s side and the Mastermind’s perspective. Closed beta test registration is open on XBox One until September 30th!”

I said it before, but I’ll say it again, this game looks like a fail to me — not that I was holding my breath or anything going in.

I’m not sure how long this game will run before it falls and joins its sibling Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps, but while that remains a mystery at this moment, more info on Project Resistance will pop up in October when the beta goes live.


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