Ready Or Not Dev Diary Offers Update On Pre-Alpha NDA, Beta Release

Ready Or Not

Void Interactive – not to be confused with Voidpoint – have released a new developer diary covering some of the mechanics and progress that they’ve made in developing the highly anticipated, realistic first-person shooter, Ready or Not.

The video doesn’t really showcase a lot of new content, but it does give us a brief look at how the shooting is evolving throughout development, including allowing players to not only aim down the iron sights but also to peep around corners, and utilize gradual leaning for precision aiming.

Beyond that we get a very short glimpse at a motion capture session, including making an arrest and utilizing some team-based squad tactics. You can check out the developer diary below.

The second half of the trailer explains why a non-disclosure agreement is in place for the pre-alpha build they rolled out to select backers of the game.

The alpha tests are designed to help Void Interactive to refine the gameplay and make some modifications to the overall design of the way the stages play, the enemies operate, and the weapons handle.

The NDA won’t stay in effect for too long, though. They have plans on rolling out a public beta soon once they make all the necessary changes to the core gameplay design so that everything works as intended.

Unfortunately we don’t have an exact date on when the beta will be made available to the public, but it appears as if it could be coming sooner rather than later.

Most fans are excited because this is the kind of spiritual successor to SWAT 4 that gamers have been craving. So long as Ready or Not isn’t another fast-paced, Call of Duty or Battlefield clone then I think Void Interactive could have a real winner on their hands.

For more information about the game feel free to check out the Steam store page.

(Thanks for the news tip Guardian EvaUnit02)

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