Siege Of Centauri Graduates From Early Access On September 12th
Siege of Centauri

Stardock Entertainment announced that Siege of Centauri will be graduating from Early Access on Steam starting September 12th next week. The news was broadcast over on the official Stardock website, where they revealed the launch date for the complete version of the game.

The game centers around players taking control of an investigative team sent to find out why the colonies on Centauri went dark. When the team arrives they find out that hostile aliens are trying to wipe out the colonies, forcing players to utilize the carrier’s defensive units to protect the colonies from the alien siege, hence the name of the game.

Lead designer Derek Paxton explained in the post…

”With tens of thousands of enemy machines pouring toward your base, we wanted to give players a very new experience of what it means to defend themselves against overwhelming odds. In addition, we’ve incorporated several strategic elements into the genre, including defending resources and deploying rapid response teams to battle. Our goal was to provide players with difficult choices about which areas to defend and which areas to let go, leading to greater strategic depth.”

You can see what the gameplay is like from the video below from Worth A Buy.

Siege of Centauri initially launched into Early Access back in April of this year, giving gamers a hardcore, real-time strategy tower defense experience set within the Ashes of the Singularity universe, and running on Oxide Games’ Nitrous Engine.

The core of the game sees players taking control of limited units on a battlefield where the objective is to rout enemies attempting to overthrow the settlements.

Much like other tower defense games, you’ll have to contend with massive amounts of enemies flooding the screen while attempting to keep the structures from falling to their onslaught.

The general feedback for Siege of Centauri is that the game is solid for what it does, but it lacks innovation or any sort of unique features that truly separate it from the rest of the herd. I suppose if you liked Ashes of the Singularity and that universe, then you might enjoy Siege of Centauri.

You can learn more about the game by visiting the Steam store page, or you can look for it to graduate from Early Access on September 12th.


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