Spider-Man Is Back In The MCU: All You Need To Know
Spider-Man MCU

Breaking news has hit the movie scene today as Sony and Marvel have been able to reach a new deal (breakdown below) to return Spider-man to the MCU, as reported by Variety. Key people from both sides work diligently to get as much out of the other as humanly possible and finally felt confident in their success to sign the deal to return Spider-man to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and potentially allow Spider-man to appear in the Spidey-Verse Films.

Sony’s greatest contention with the previous deal aside from Marvels rumored attempt to race-bend characters and using Spider-Man to prop up Captain Marvel was the current deal did not allow the use of Spider-man in their Spidey-Verse. There’s a huge problem having a Spider-Man Universe with all the best characters from the property, but unable to use the one character everyone wants to actually see. Especially evident after the lasting legacy of the Venom movie was how hot She-Venom was.

Originally Disney wanted to keep the merchandising rights and up their split to 50/50, while retaining screen rights to the Spider-man character. Unwilling to budge believing they had the upper hand given Sony’s financial predicament, Disney would ultimately be taken aback when Sony opted for the age old negotiating tactic of just walking away from the table.

Sony stood to gain more from having Spider-man in their Spidey-Verse than they did hitching the character to the “future is female” Stage 4 of the MCU which is dead set on race and gender-bending characters. A leaked email would reveal as much with Sony executives stating Spider-man would remain a white straight male.

Disney was the company put in dire straits with executives rumored to have lost all faith in the Captain Marvel brand after Sony pulled Spider-man, leading to the more advantageous deal for Sony that has now been signed.

—Deal Breakdown—


-Spdey back in the MCU
-Spider-man will appear in one future MCU film
-Keeps Merchandising Rights
-25% Profit split and will put up 25% of the financing


Feige will produce Homecoming 3
-Spider-man can appear in the Spidey-Verse Films (Strongly teased/hinted at by Feige)
-Potential, but unconfirmed gain
-Feige will be lent to aid in the development of more Spidey-Verse films (was apart of original deal)


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