Stalin Vs Martians 4 Playable Demo Set To Arrive Soon

Stalin Vs Martians 4

Dreamlore Games released a new trailer for their Unreal Engine 4-powered isometric twin-shooter game, Stalin Vs Martians 4. The trailer highlights some of the over-the-top action that players will engage in while the dictator takes on invaders from above.

You’ll first have to outfit the mass-murderer with primary and secondary weapons, and then equip him with a special ability. Unfortunately betrayal isn’t one of them, otherwise you could just join the martians and then have them shot by a hitman while they’ve absconded away to a villa in the hills.

Anyway, once you get done modifying Stalin’s equipment, it’s time to take him onto the battlefield and face off against hordes of evil aliens. You can check out the gameplay trailer below.

The game is played mostly from overhead view, but in some segments it looks like you get an over-the-shoulder view as well, firing on the martians like a traditional third-person shooter.

Unlike the original Stalin Vs Martians, which was a real-time strategy game, the sequel is a hardcore arcade shooter. The physics look kind of wonky at times, and I’m not entirely sure what the real threats are because the martians looked like gloop, but maybe there’s some kind of enjoyment to be had from blowing things up and killing aliens while playing as a despot.

Speaking of which, I wonder when Dreamlore will get around to making Ramzan vs. Mutant Bundles Of Sticks? Or Putin vs. The Rainbow Reich? Or Shangkun Vs Tienanmen Tigers? Or Hitler vs. Sewer Rats? I mean, if a Communist mass-murderer can be a hero in a game, so can other controversial figures… right?… Right?!

Anyway, if you’re interested in checking out the demo you can do so by signing up for the newsletter over on the official Stalin Vs Martians website. The game is tentatively scheduled to release next year in 2020.