Star Trek: Discovery Lawsuit Plagiarism Ends With Ruling Against Tardigrades Dev


Back in August of 2018, independent developer Anas Abdin filed a lawsuit against CBS regarding Star Trek: Discover allegedly ripping off of his game Tardigrades. The suit lasted a lot longer than I thought it would, but it recently came to an end, and not in favor of Abdin.

In a blog post published on September 20th, 2019 over on the official Anastronaut website, the developer informed the community about what happened and how the journey has ended it for him, writing…

“I just returned from visiting dad from the cemetery, I got the news that the judge ruled against me. I would like to thank everyone who supported me. I don’t have enough words to describe my gratitude to everyone who believed in me and my case. I cannot thank my lawyers enough for believing in me and fighting for me. I respect the ruling and I expect everyone to do so. I’m not sure what happens to my project now, or my independent-game development career in general.”

This turn of events isn’t necessarily shocking or surprising. We all knew that going in the lawsuit stood a very tenuous chance of actually succeeding. Most people thought the judge would throw it out immediately, but it managed to persist throughout the spring and summer of 2019.

Back in March, the update regarding the lawsuit left a lot of people following the situation with nail-biting anticipation to see how it would all play out, with Bounding Into Comics reporting that the judge was still going over the details and CBS’ lawyers were reticent about discovery.

The case was also briefly discussed on Minnesota lawyer Nick Rekieta’s livestream where he discussed the possible outcomes for the plagiarism suit.

However, Abdin has finally had to throw in the towel after the ruling came down. He doesn’t go into detail about the ruling, but I’m sure more info may be released at some point that gives us more insight into the case.

(Thanks for the news tip CZ)

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