Super Buckyball Tournament, Rocket League Clone Begins First Alpha Tests
Super Buckball Tournament

Chinese developers Pathea Games announced that Super Buckyball Tournament has entered into alpha testing ahead of its official launch on Steam. You can register to take part in the first alpha tests.

The alpha test is currently taking place through registrations over on the Pathea Games website.

There’s also a link to the Steam store page, but Super Buckyball Tournament isn’t live for download on Steam… yet.

The announcement was accompanied by a trailer, featuring some of the actual in-game play and a few of the characters you’ll be able to command. You can check out the teaser trailer below.

Now among the cyborg samurai and burly bots, there is also some hot waifu bait.

Since Pathea’s developers aren’t from the U.S., it means that the character designs aren’t debilitated by Western feminism. Simply put, it means the female characters can look hot.

The character Ling is highlighted in the trailer, with a cropped top, short-shorts, and some big ‘ole anime tiddies. Just how I like ’em.

The actual gameplay, however, is very similar to Psyonics’ Rocket League. The object is to take hold of a giant ball and put it into your opponent’s hole… or net.

Both teams are attempting to score points and you can use the character abilities to power up the ball to score a point.

To help give the game a little bit of extra spunk and spice there are also items that you can use to change the field of play to either help your teammates out or hinder your opponents.

Much like other action-sports titles, there are different arenas with different field attributes that will alter the way the match plays out, and eight different characters to choose from… for now.

The alpha testing is taking place right now but if you miss out on it you can look for the game to enter into Early Access on Steam soon enough.


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