The Long Journey Home Travels Onto The Nintendo Switch

The Long Journey Home

Daedalic Entertainment announced that The Long Journey Home is currently available for the Nintendo Switch. The game originally launched for PC, Xbox One and PS4, and now Switch owners are able to get in some game time with the title.

The Long Journey Home follows a crew who makes a faster than light jump through deep space, but something goes terribly wrong and the ship ends up damaged in the process. With the crew trapped out in the middle of nowhere and resources running thin, the crew decides to use what little resources they have left to explore nearby planets using a small jump-ship to navigate the surface for supplies and potential materials that can be used to repair the ship.

Players will not only have to explore planets for resources, but also organize a course through space in order to get he crew back home. This includes visiting neighboring systems, plotting orbital slingshots around planets, and attempting a little bit of diplomacy with aliens who may or may not help you out along the way.

Conceptually The Long Journey Home is an interesting game, given that it’s not often that we have titles where you do more than just fly around and shoot things in space. The added element of trying to maintain the ship, keep it flying, and exploring planets for anything useful reminds me a little bit of Stardock’s Star Control.

The game is played from both top-down and side-scrolling views, with a large focus being on navigating through the solar system and avoiding colliding the ship(s) with debris, asteroids, or planetary obstructions.

I remember some user reviews complained initially about the controls and handling of the ships due to the Unreal Engine’s physics, but hopefully they fixed that up for the Switch version of the game.

The Long Journey Home also features procedurally generated play maps with random alien encounters (some friendly, some hostile), black holes, and a bevy of unique planets to visit. You can pick up a digital copy of the game right now from over on the Nintendo eShop page for the Nintendo Switch.