The Reliant Trailer Sees Kevin Sorbo Facing Off Against Antifa Types During A Civil War
The Reliant

Fervent House Media decided to crowdfund the sort of movie that seems to tap into the current political dialogue most people are having at the moment, as domestic terrorist groups like Antifa seem to be growing in presence and power. The name of the film is The Reliant and it’s due to have a very short theatrical run this October. It stars Kevin Sorbo as a Christian doctor trying to save his family while civil war breaks out in America.

The film’s third (and probably final) trailer dropped not too long ago just ahead of the release of the film in October. It’s a two minute trailer that outlines the survival measures that a family has to adapt to while war ravages the country.

The trailer doesn’t exactly say what caused the breakdown, but we get glimpses of some Antifa types and some shootouts taking place with Kevin Sorbo and the masked assailants. You can check out the trailer below.

Unfortunately, the film’s quality looks pretty bad.

The acting – outside of Sorbo – doesn’t seem to be above Syfy standards. And the sub-plot about Sorbo’s daughter getting married is complete and utter cringe-inducing schlock.

However, the concept of the film seems to be tapping into conversations most rational people have been having lately, especially with the 2020 elections on the horizon, censorship running rampant throughout big tech-controlled platforms, and violence escalating thanks to terrorist groups like Antifa.

While the trailer for The Reliant is goofy and cheap, it at least acknowledges a potential reality that a lot of people fear could come true.

The film has mostly flown under the radar since it was initially crowdfunded, but Raging Golden Eagle recently tweeted out how the flick is being ignored by most media outlets.

It’s true that nothing popped up in my social media feeds about the film. And even though we regularly cover certain movies coming out, this trailer wasn’t one of the films that appeared in the search results on YouTube during that week.

It’s likely that the same sort of people who are portrayed as the film’s villains will also attempt to prevent theaters from showing the flick even for just one night in theaters. A similar sort of campaign was launched to deplatform the anti-abortion flick, Unplanned.

According to Fox News, The Reliant was originally based on a 2017 novel by Patrick Johnston, who later took the idea to IndieGoGo to get the film funded, and later wrote the screenplay for the live-action adaptation.

Johnston explained what the impetus for the story, writing…

“We are one terrorist attack away from giving up our right to keep-and-bear-arms. With our government corporately willing to spurn the Constitution in so many ways, the Second Amendment is practically meaningless to our leaders. We need to reach the culture with this important message of the moral foundation for our natural right to defend ourselves.”

The film looks like it combines elements of The Road, The Hunger Games and The Purge, but does so poorly. Maybe with a bigger budget it could have been a lot more compelling, because it’s at least tapping into subject matter that is pertinent in today’s society.

I can already imagine what the Rotten Tomatoes score will look like.

You can look for The Reliant to have a limited theatrical run on October 24th, 2019 this fall.

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