The Vision, Time-Traveling Survival-Shooter Set To Receive A Public Prototype
The Vision

Quixotic Interactive’s The Vision has been in development for nearly half a decade. The one-man project is being funded through crowdsourcing on Patreon. Recently, developer Justin Darlington released nearly 10 minutes worth of gameplay footage for the upcoming first/third-person shooter, giving gamers an opportunity to check out what sort of progress he’s made on the Unreal Engine 4-powered solo project.

DSO Gaming notes that Darlington is looking to ramp up production on the game to finally bring it to completion, and that more team members means more work being completed on the time and space traveling survival game.

The concept is themed around a multiverse of different Earths that are overwhelmed with hostiles. Players have to venture to different time periods, gather intel, gather resources, defeat enemies, and at all costs, attempt to survive.

You can check out the prototype gameplay for The Vision below.

The time travel element allows players to choose any time period to venture to, which seems cool but overly ambitious from a development standpoint.

To help encourage players to explore, there’s a cooldown on the time-traveling, so while waiting for the next portal to become available, you’ll need to move around the game world to gather supplies and intel.

Like other survival simulators, The Vision promises the ability to construct homes, buildings, and other structures that can be used to help generate revenue in that time period.

Apparently taking equipment from the future back into the past will alert the time patrol forces and you could find yourself being compromised.

It sounds like the sort of concept from an AAA studio but it’s only being developed by one dude. This reminds me of one of those projects that will be in development for decades at a time and never really see the full completion but will be considered a cool concept nonetheless.

A public prototype build is supposed to be coming soon, and it will be available through The Vision’s Patreon page. You can keep an eye on that page for more info and future updates.

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