Unrailed! Co-op Railroad Builder Enters Early Access On Steam


Leave it to indie developers to come up with an inventive way to cooperatively mine resources, lay down railroad tracks, upgrade a locomotive, and battle against environmental hazards in an isometric, co-op strategy sim. That’s exactly what Indoor Astronaut’s Unrailed! is. The game is an off-the-rails (pun intended) co-op experience that’s very much unlike anything else on the market at the moment.

Chinese publisher Bilibili and Daedalic Entertainment announced that Unrailed! is currently available right now for purchase over on the Steam store for $16.99.

The game is currently in Early Access and is scheduled to stay in Early Access for anywhere between three and six months, with the developers hoping to polish up the core experience and add more biomes, characters, and single-player content.

What’s currently there is actually quite clever. The key concept for this game is that up to four players – either playing locally on a single machine or online – team up together to mine resources, craft railroad tracks, and attempt to guide a train from one station to the next. You can get an idea of how the game is played with the launch trailer below.

The hook (or danger) of the game is that if you don’t mine resources fast enough, clear out the pathway, or craft the track in time, the train will derail and crash.

It becomes a race against time as you attempt to finish the track before the train reaches the end point and crashes.

To help keep things fresh there’s also a PvP mode, where two players team up and take on two other players, attempting to see who can build their track the fastest and help get their train to the destination first.

Each biome is procedurally generated so you’ll never replay the same stage twice, and there are five different biomes in the current Early Access edition of the game.

If you’re interested in checking it out, you can do so by visiting the Steam store page.