Valfaris: Heavy Metal Action Game Retail Editions For Nintendo Switch, PS4 Arrive In November


Merge Games, Steel Mantis, and Signature Edition announced that retail copies of Valfaris will be made available in time for release on the Nintendo Switch and the PlayStation 4. The heavy-metal side-scroller will be available for $34.99 in boxed retail editions starting in mid-November for the Switch, and $29.99 for the PlayStation 4.

The Signature Edition of the game will include a region-free copy of Valfaris for the Nintendo Switch or PS4. It will come with two audio CDs featuring the game’s official soundtrack headed up by heavy metal icon Curt Victor Bryant from Celtic Frost. You’ll receive two art cards, a paperback art booklet featuring art from the game and concept images used during development. The pack will also include two metal pin badges themed after the Bringer of Mayhem and the Unlimited Energy Skull.

You can pre-order the Nintendo Switch or PS4 version from the Signature store.

As outlined on the website, there is a limited supply of stock for Valfaris, so if you plan on getting your hands on the game, there are slim pickings for the physical copies.

The story for the game is outright badass and reminds me of all the hardcore space pulp from the 1970s and 1980s. It follows Therion, the son of the floating paradise Valfaris. Therion returns home to the citadel to find that it’s been overrun by a corrupted darkness that has spread through the land, forcing Therion to face the evil alone.

Much like Slain!, there’s a classical approach to the design of Valfaris, focusing on timing, reflexes and skill rather than today’s pansy-arsed games where they’re all about coddling players and trying to pamper the sensibilities of Soylent addicts.

Unlike Slain! you’ll have a lot more weapons at your disposal than just swords and axes. The techno-Goth aesthetic affords players some neat energy-based and projectile weapons to accommodate all manner of destructive tendencies.

You can learn more about Valfaris by visiting the game’s official website.

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