Vic Mignogna Will Present Dragon Ball FighterZ Tournament Award At Hawaii Con
Dragon Ball FighterZ Battle For The Pacific

Hawaii Con and Mekel Kasanova teamed up together to host a 40-entrant, double elimination Dragon Ball FighterZ tournament set to take place between September 28th and September 29th over the weekend, with the special prize being signed and awarded by none other than the voice of Broly from Dragon Ball Super, Vic Mignogna.

You can register for the tournament right now over on the Hawaii Con website.

The Dragon Ball FighterZ Battle For The Pacific tournament will start on Saturday at 12:00pm in the afternoon and run through 3:00pm for the Round 1 eliminations. The semi-finals and finals will take place on Sunday between 12:00pm and 3:00pm, with Mignogna being on hand to hand out the signed award.

Kasanova tweeted out the reminder for the tournament sign-ups for everyone out there interested in participating.

The Battle For The Pacific will be part of the larger Hawaii Con event, which is runs from September 26th up through September 29th.

Mignogna will not only be on hand for the award ceremony but he will also be attending the convention along with other actors, such as John Rhys-Davies from The Lord of the Rings and Mindy Sterling from Avatar: The Legend of Korra and Austin Powers.

You can check out the full guest list for Hawaii Con over on the Hawaii Con website.

Even though things aren’t quite going over as well as fans would like with the Vic Mignogna lawsuit against Funimation and the #KickVic group, at least the voice actor is still attending conventions, meeting with fans, and trying to stay upbeat. We’ll find out what happens with the lawsuit during the first week of October, where if the parties are unable to come to terms through mediation, the judge will give his final verdict on the remaining claims.


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