VietDOOM Mod For DOOM Will Add Fully Destructible Environments, Vietnam-Era Weapons


Sgt Mark IV is back with a new mod for DOOM, this time it’s called VietDOOM. The total conversion mod sees players battling against enemies in the Vietcong jungles, using period-specific weapons, all new physics overhauls, and advanced map designs.

The very first developer diary and some of the core features of the mod were outlined over on the VietDOOM Moddb page.

The total conversion features destroyable environments, the ability to raze entire villages to ground, machine gun bipods, the ability to bandage wounds, and you can even set and spread fires around like in Far Cry 2.

There’s an 11-minute developer diary showcase, which you can check out below.

It’s mentioned in the video that everything is destructible… everything. From the walls to the ceiling to the entire structure itself, everything can be destroyed.

There is a risk/reward setup to having everything destructible, though. When a building caves in it crushes everything beneath it, including ammo, items, and even enemies. So while a hut might contain a bunch of enemies, you’ll have to weigh if it’s worth destroying and losing all the items inside of it.

Later on we see a tank being manned, which leads to complete and total destruction of the village just by running into the walls and leveling the huts. You can also man the turret and blast anything within the reticule to smithereens.

At the 2:30 mark we see the flamethrower on display, where Sgt Mark IV toasts the bamboo huts, setting them ablaze in a ball of fire.

The fire creates a degenerative entity state, where it slowly brings down the health of the entity until it’s destroyed.

Right now he mentions that performance is good but we do see some slowdown when using the rocket launcher on the hangars. He also informs the audience that two-story buildings still aren’t viable yet.

By the 5:10 mark we’re introduced to the weapons, and notified that players can carry up to five weapons, including three primary weapons, a heavy weapon, and a sidearm.

There are different weapons for each slot, so there are multiple pistols, machine guns, and sniper rifles to acquire, along with standard and alternate fire modes.

It’s still a ways out from release but it’s looking really good, much better than most first-person shooters on the horizon, most of which are just rehashes of the same, tired old concept from a decade ago. Anyway, you can keep track of the development of VietDOOM by visiting the Moddb page, or you can get updates or support Sgt Mark IV directly by visiting his Patreon page.

(Thanks for the news tip Guardian EvaUnit02)