Warframe Guide: Here’s How To Get Gauss

With the latest Warframe update dubbed Saint of Altra, it brings new weapons and a frame by the name  of Gauss to the sci-fi third-person looter-shooter. If you’re looking to obtain the 41st Warframe, this guide will teach you how to do so. Warframe is out now for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

To gain access to Gauss, you will need to complete most of the Star chart and have Sedna finished. Once done, head to the node Kelpie on Sedna and boot up the mission type Disruption (YouTuber iFlynn has a guide video on Disruption). Upon playing said mission, you’ll find each component has a 10% drop chance.

Drop Chance Expected Nearly Guaranteed
Chassis Blueprint 10% 18 – 19 Tier C Rewards 76 ± 21 Tier C Rewards
Neuroptics Blueprint 10%
Systems Blueprint 10%

If you don’t know, the “Expected” refers to the total number of runs a player can expect to receive at least one of each drop associated with the respective values.

In addition to the chart table, the “Nearly Guaranteed” relates to the total number of runs a player needs to obtain a 99% (99.9%, or 99.99%) chance to gain one of each drop associated with the respective values. In other words, RNG may or may not be nice to you.

Depending on your progress in the game, you may need to meet some of Gauss’ blueprint requirements, which means you must be both at the Ostron Rank of Surah and the Solaris United Rank of Cove.

Given that you can trade gems with other players, you might be able to speed things up if you are new to the game.

Anyway, here’s all of Gauss’ abilities thanks to PlayWarframe:

Gauss Resources

Gauss Blueprint:

  • Credits – 25,000
  • Neuroptics – 1
  • Chassis – 1
  • Systems – 1
  • Orokin Cell – 3

Gauss Neuroptics:

  • Credits – 15,000
  • Argon Crystal – 1
  • Rubedo – 1,600
  • Salvage – 6,200
  • Alloy Plate – 2,950

Gauss Chassis:

  • Credits – 15,000
  • Radian Sentirum – 3
  • Heart Nyth – 3
  • Star Crimzian – 6
  • Grokdrul – 55

Gauss Systems:

  • Credits – 15,000
  • Radiant Zodian – 3
  • Marquise Thyst – 3
  • Mytocardia Spore – 70
  • Thermal Sludge – 85

You can learn more about Gauss and Warframe by hitting up the official wiki page. Warframe is currently out now for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch.

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