Warner Bans Clown Media From Joker Debut

Joker Banned

Warner Brothers has had enough of the media’s deranged accusations, fear mongering and outright lies surrounding their new Joker movie. After months of ridiculous assertions, accusations, harassment, and peak clown-worlding which yes is now a verb, Warner has banned the press from the Hollywood debut of the Joker.

On the 23 of September Variety broke the news that the red carpet would be comprised solely of photographers and all the so called journalists whom have spent the last few months attempting to whip society into a frenzy have been disinvited from the event.

After months of the movie being represented as the Anti Christ of Incels; a demonic force that will warp the minds of its impressionable audience into a psychopathic murder binge. We can assume the media had little intentions of giving the movie or cast anything approaching fair unbiased coverage at the premiere.

Like with Geeks, Gamers, and Weebs, Warner has realized if they’re not going to give you positive coverage anyway to just ignore them. Sadly or in our case joyously, the dying legacy media is dead set on highlighting to executives of not just Hollywood, but how they hold no sway over the American people. When this movie succeeds in the box office it will be incontrovertible that not only do they lack any influence, but the minority the media represents is so small they’re not worth listening to anymore.

Though, it is purely speculative, one has to wonder how much their drive to get this movie cancelled lies in the ideological paradigm they want to push and how much is it to demonstrate that like Trump with The Hunt, they too can cancel a movie? A lot of their talking points before they veered off into just hating on white men closely mimicked the complaints levied at the Hunt.

If that is the case the media appears to be unable to read the room. Not understanding The Hunt not only looked bad for Universal, but in test screenings it performed poorly as well. The Joker for comparison has met with an eight minute standing ovation, awards, and is predicted to win best movie this year by some. Universal stood to gain nothing from The Hunt, Warner stands to gain everything.

Regardless of the truth of the matter what this whole saga has done is enlightened many to the nature of the media. If they’re willing to lie about a movie then what else will they lie and misportray? Worse they’ve put themselves in a no win situation. If nothing happens, which is likely the case; they are a joke so unfunny even the Joker couldn’t laugh at how sad and pathetic it is. If on the other hand something does happen the blame for whipping people into a frenzy will be placed squarely on their shoulders.

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