2K And Visual Concepts Bring NBA 2K19’s Unskippable Ads To NBA 2K20

2K Games and Visual Concepts at this point know that they can get away with whatever, and still laugh all the way to the bank. Much like any unknown or well-known company as of current year, 2K and Visual Concepts are bringing something notorious to the table with NBA 2K20 as they did with NBA 2K19: unskippable ads.

When there are shekels to be made, expect companies to cut corners when it comes to making maximum profits. And in this shiny case of bringing unskippable ads to a paid game that is supposedly a triple-A product — although it’s just a copy/paste job — the devs are swimming in money like a shill swimming in a high comment account trying to defend their favorite abuser.

Lo, back in June after E3 2019, 2K and Visual Concepts tried to sneak in a pesky update (which has ads running during load times) to rake in more money during an NBA 2K19 sale.

While NBA 2K19 was dirt cheap this year, the ads made up for the low price. But — and this is a big looming ominous “but” in the vicinity — instead of waiting a full year to release this nonsense, the unskippable ads are here one month later.

Catching wind from twistedvoxel.com, we learn that this act was first discovered on subreddit r/NBA2K:

“As reported by a user on reddit, these ads are now interrupting gameplay and the worst part is that these can’t be skipped by normal means which forces the player to sit through them. This is all happening so much closer to launch which makes it worse.”

If you happen to think that website twisted Voxel has it all wrong, avid NBA 2K fan and YouTuber Brutalsim Da GuRu backs up the claim with his round-up talk, which starts at 3:50 and ends at 5:30:

To sum this whole thing up, 2K and Visual Concepts hit the speed-up shekel button to make more money faster by bringing the controversial unskippable ads during load times from the previous game to NBA 2K20. In turn, the two also have reduced the noise surrounding the egregious practice, given that this is the second day.

Anyway, NBA 2K20 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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