Atelier Ryza Cheats Grant Infinite Health, Weak Enemies, And Unlimited Money

Koei Tecmo and Gust have released Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness and the Secret Hideout for PC, and trailing behind those thick (or thicc) thighs and busty and curvaceous assets are cheat trainers. The JRPG is out now for PC via Steam, PS4, and Switch.

If Atelier Ryza the game isn’t improving lives with finger-licking good thighs while selling over 150,000 copies in Japan, then you can bet men of culture have dedicated their time to bring Atelier Ryza trainers to people like you.

As per usual, has a long list of cheats in that the following 33 trainers let you gain access to infinite health, XP, money, weak enemies, and other helpful toggles:

  • Infinite Health
  • Unlimited AP
  • Instant Stun Gauge
  • One Hit Kills
  • Weak Enemies
  • Change Money
  • Change Alchemy EXP
  • Perfect Quality Of Selected Item
  • Super Speed
  • Freeze Time Of Day
  • Edit: Money
  • Edit: Alchemy EXP
  • Edit: EXP
  • Edit: Current Health
  • Edit: Base Health
  • Edit: Current AP
  • Edit: Base AP
  • Edit: Base ATK
  • Edit: Base DEF
  • Edit: Base SPD
  • Edit: Base DEX
  • Edit: Item ID
  • Edit: Quality
  • Edit: Effect 1
  • Edit: Effect 2
  • Edit: Effect 3
  • Edit: Effect 4
  • Edit: Trait 1
  • Edit: Trait 1 Level
  • Edit: Trait 2
  • Edit: Trait 2 Level
  • Edit: Trait 3
  • Edit: Trait 3 Level

Time for the next round of cheats. These trainers come from website (courtesy of FLING) and let you do the same thing as the previous batch. However, the forthcoming list may be short, but it’s as impactful as Lila Decyrus’ pair… of wits:

  • Num 1 – Infinite HP
  • Num 2 – Max Break Gauge
  • Num 3 – Infinite AP
  • Num 4 – Max Item Quality
  • Num 5 – Freeze Daytime
  • Num 6 – Edit Gold
  • Num 7 – Infinite Exp
  • Num 8 – Infinite Alchemy Exp
  • Num 9 – Empty Enemies Break Gauge/One Hit Break
  • Num 0 – Super Damage/One Hit Kill
  • Ctrl+Num 1 – Gold Multiplier
  • Ctrl+Num 2 – Exp Multiplier
  • Ctrl+Num 3 – Damage Multiplier
  • Ctrl+Num 4 – Set Game Speed

As mentioned above, the JRPG is available to pick up right now for PC and home consoles.


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