Atomic Heart Beta Test Canceled, Weapon Crafting Detailed

Back in 2018, during October, Mundfish released the news that its first-person shooter Atomic Heart would offer folks a beta through pre-ordering the game, but as of now, the whole beta thing is canned. Tagging along with that news comes info on weapon customization.

Firstly, folks could pre-order the Digital Download Edition for $29.99, the Deluxe Founder’s Edition for $44.99, and the Atomic Founder’s Edition for $89.99.

Fast-forward to October 5th and the developers would take to Atomic Heart’s official blog section to write the following:

“After long discussions we’ve understood we need more time than expected so we’ve made a difficult choice to cancel a beta test and multiplayer part of the game.


The sole purpose of beta was to test a multiplayer game mode because of demanding serverside and balance issues. We’ve planned to release it as a Holiday gift for our players, keep it live for a week and collect feedback afterwards. But in the process it became clear the focus on story is much more important than multiplayer. We believe the launch of beta prior to release would be a premature step and test itself might unintentionally spoil game’s world and narrative. We don’t want it to happen this way.


We will close pre-orders with a discounted price in 4 days (October 9). Lowered price was a bonus for those who’ve decided to support us on early stages of development. Please keep in mind all editions’ bonuses will be delivered as promised. We are also ready to accept a refund for everyone who is not happy with beta cancellation – just contact us.”

In other words, as Atomic Heart started to take shape as a single-player game, the devs figured a multiplayer beta would spoil key parts and decided it would be best to stop the beta and multiplayer side of things.

In addition to the long explanation provided by Mundfish, upon contacting the company, you should be eligible for refunds should you choose to do so. Also, each of the three editions and their bonuses will still ship when the devs announce a release date.

Secondly, as for weapons in Atomic Heart, you can find and tweak them to your liking, which includes changing the appearance and functionality of any firearm/melee weapon.

Moreover, if you don’t rush through stages and take the time to study locations, recipes needed for crafting special items/weapons can be found.

Say, if you wrap the handle of a bat with electrical tape, you will increase the strength, and if you put ten nails on it, the damage increases. Each element of the weapon can be improved separately like iron-sights, clips/magazines, range, and so on.

From the sounds of it, guns also have weight and allow you to move fast or slow. However, some guns may have scarce ammo, but you can utilize weak weapons’ speed to use stealth moves to kill enemies quickly.

Lastly, the devs note on to “love your weapons like your first woman, but don’t be mad if you have to leave her for another.” And one anti-personnel weapon to adore is the PTRD:


You can join agent P-3 on his journey to investigate enterprise 3826 sometime late this year or in 2020 when it launches on PC via Steam, PS4, and Xbox One.


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