Code Vein Height Adjuster Reportedly Coming After October

Honestly, this information on Code Vein slipped past me like Bandai Namco skipping out on full slider manipulation in Code Vein. Well, sometime in November or December, folks will be able to gain access to height adjustment sliders to make what sounds like shorter or taller characters.

First and foremost, I’m sure if you have kept up with all things Code Vein, then you’ll know what’s to come. However, if you’re not, you might be in luck if you want to play as a much smaller character.

Over on, we learn that cosmetics and gameplay changes are to come soon. Something that isn’t on that very page is the mention of a height alteration option, which is something that fans on TheNexus and GameFaqs dug up via

Here’s the translation thanks to the two forum boards:

“We are also considering the “Adjust Height” function in the update after October.”

It should be noted that Bandai Namco’s definition of “Height Alteration” could mean anything. At this point, it is unclear if you will be able to make loli-like characters that happen to be tiny or if you can make somewhat short avatars.

In addition to the above, it’s also unclear if you’ll be able to make even taller characters or if this height thingy is to adjust existing avatars? Time will tell.

In the meantime, modders are still trying to figure out how to make the sliders accept their changes after altering them. In other words, folks looking to make busty waifus or other things out of the realm of Code Vein’s slider system still have to wait if this r/Codevein post doubles over as an ETA.

With all of that said, hopefully, fans wanting the real deal when it comes to full functional sliders will get that via updates from Bandai Namco or modders. Sadly, the former is due out after this month (which could be a long time), and the latter has men of culture baffled and stuck between life and hometown sliders.


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