Beautiful Desolation, Post-Apocalyptic Adventure Game Delayed To February 2020
Beautiful Desolation

If you thought the 2019 holiday season was filled with one too many games, you’re probably one of the few people who sighed relief when you found out that the crowdfunded, isometric adventure game, Beautiful Desolation, was pushed out of its fall, 2019 release and into a February, 2020 window.

On October 23rd, 2019, developer The Brotherhood announced via the Kickstarter page and over on their official website that Beautiful Desolation would be delayed.

The developers explain…

“As we’re now slap-dab in the middle of Q4 and haven’t released Beautiful Desolation yet, you may be scratching your heads asking, where is this game?!


“Fear not! As we mentioned in the last update, we’re in the final stages of getting this project out of the door and into your hands. The adventure game is now complete and playable from start to end. Woohoo! […]


“[…] We’ve pegged the tentative public release date at the end February 2020, which is only a few months away… Don’t worry Beta backers, you will play the game sufficiently before anybody else”

Now there’s a good chunk of the middle part of the post that talks about why the delay took place.

The developers are wrapping up the voice acting for the game now, and they’ll have to go through and make sure all of it is implemented correctly. They’re also prepping to have the game localized for different regions, which includes having teams translate all of the text into the local language.

All of this will take time, months even. So they did the right thing and informed backers and the general public at large about the delay so everyone has a heads-up about why Beautiful Desolation is being pushed back.

Beautiful Desolation is another isometric adventure game from The Brotherhood, designed in a similar vein to their other games, such as Cayne and Stasis.

The concept of the game looks pretty rad, and it’s easy to see why it would go on to become a Kickstarter success.

The team is currently in the home stretch of development, and as mentioned they just have to iron out the implementation of the audio for the voices and localize the game before calling it a day.

You can keep up to date on progress or news for Beautiful Desolation by visiting the official website.

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