Bethesda Acquires Mobile Devs Alpha Dog Games To Produce “Quality” Titles

The words “quality” and “Bethesda” rarely fit together in one sentence unless you are talking about their games lacking quality. Nevertheless, the time has come where Bethesda is seeking to bring well-made games to players, except these games aren’t polished PC and home console titles but “quality” mobile games.

Yes, everyone’s favorite big boy Todd Howard and crew are coming together to bring quality games to handsets sometime soon. Sadly, no estimated time of arrival has it the web, but you can assure that more live-service mechanics are underway if Fallout 76 holds any indications.

To achieve this initiative, Bethesda has set out to acquire Alpha Dog Games. Website says that this move is to bolster its mobile game offerings:

“We are impressed by the team at Alpha Dog’s commitment to quality and depth of experience in mobile. We’re excited to have them join the Bethesda family.”

Not to get confused with Todd Howard, Todd Vaughn (Bethesda SVP of development) had written the above in a press release, which serves as a sign of what is to come in the mobile division.

Now I’m sure you are thinking, “What even is Alpha Dog Games?” Well, the “Alpha” part is something that both Bethesda and Alpha Dog Games aren’t. The mobile game producing devs have MonstroCity: Rampage, and Wraithborne – Action Role Playing Game under its belt. In short, games that aren’t even worth playing for free.

I’m sure the content that Bethesda and Alpha Dog Games are to produce will live up to your typical mobile cash grab stuff, but time will tell what we’ll see from the pair.

Lastly, although Fallout Shelter hasn’t made bad headlines everywhere like Nintendo’s Mario Kart Tour or other vile mobile games, The Elder Scrolls: Blades has. In other words, with Bethesda’s head so far up its rear( you’d think the company is a car in reverse) only means anything worthwhile isn’t likely to come out of this move.


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