Bethesda Issues PR Update For A PR Update On Missing Fallout 76 Scrap Box Items

The usual suspects (shills) are coming out of the woodwork to defend Bethesda, saying stuff like, “Gamers can spend their money how they see fit.” Except, when a company lies and says that a triple-A paid game has no issues and later doubles back and confirms the issues are real, then it’s not only a problem but a paid scam.

If you are unaware, Bethesda released a premium subscription for Fallout 76 players dubbed Fallout 1st. Players can opt to pay $12.99 per month or $99.99 for 12 months and play in a “Private World” that is sometimes like a used condom.

In addition to this premium subscription, you can gain access to inviting up to seven friends to play with, or use a placeable fast travel point with a Stash, Sleeping Bag, and more for your basic needs.

Premium members also obtain 1,650 Atoms every month, and unlike non-premium members, folks can rock the iconic Fallout Ranger outfit along with unique icons and emotes.

Nevertheless, the unlimited storage container dubbed the “Scrap Box” has issues like some of the abovementioned premium perks.

As of yesterday (October 24th), a Bethesda PR member issued out a response to Polygon’s write-up ( where the PR person states that there are no problems with the Scrap Box, but UI issues:

“For Scrap Boxes, Bethesda said that “a small number of players with a large quantity of scrap are experiencing a display issue causing their Scrap Box to appear empty.” The studio thinks this is a user interface issue and that players have not lost any scrap; they should still be able to access it when crafting from workbenches, as usual. “We are actively working to address this issue, both internally and using the data and characters folks from the community have provided us,” Bethesda said.”

Fast forward to today (October 25th), and another PR person is now saying that there is legitimately an issue with the Scrap Box. Here’s the response that the website received:

“Bethesda Game Studios has continued to investigate the Scrap Box issue and now acknowledges it is more than a menu display problem for a small number of users.


“Our initial investigation indicated that this was a display issue, and that no items had gone missing,” a Bethesda representative told Polygon. “However, we have since found that a small number of players have in fact experienced a loss of scrap items after placing them into the Scrap Box and then loading into a world.


“Resolving this issue is currently our top priority,” the representative said. “We are also exploring ways to restore the missing items.” Developers are trying to come up with a hotfix to resolve the issue ASAP.”

At this point, I’m wondering how the Elder Scrolls VI and Starfield will pan out? Are they going to launch in a state that gamers and fans alike can’t even access? Will the law have to step in almost like the class-action lawsuit over Fallout 76?

In the meantime, the game in question is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Also, a Steam version is said to be in the works.

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