Black Future ’88, Cyberpunk Roguelike Releases November 21st On Nintendo Switch, PC
Black Future 88

Good Shepherd Entertainment and SuperscarySnakes announced that Black Future ’88 is prepping to release in three weeks’ time on November 21st for Steam on PC and digitally for the Nintendo Switch.

The announcement was accompanied by a gameplay overview trailer, which runs down how the game is played, some of the skills you can utilize and some of the weapons that will be at your disposal.

Players will be able to select from a handful of different characters, each with their own unique abilities and weapon loadouts, and then attempt to scale a tower within 18 minutes before their blood supply runs out and your heart explodes. Your goal is to reach the top of the tower and kill the psychotic owner and his homicidal AI cyborgs. You can check out the gameplay trailer below.

Good Shepherd describes Black Future ’88 as a “synth-punk” side-scroller, where you’ll need to master both your platforming and your aiming skills to take down a barrage of enemies in non-stop, hardcore pixelated action.

In addition to offering gamers single-player progression, there’s also a cooperative mode for two players.

The hook for Black Future ’88 is like any other roguelike, where whatever progress you make goes toward a cumulative level progression system where you can unlock additional weapons and gear for your characters, as well as purchase new upgrades as well. So even though you die and maybe lose everything, you don’t necessarily lose everything. It’s very similar to 10Tons’ Neon Chrome, which operates almost identical to the way Black Future ’88 does as far as upgrades and roguelike features are concerned.

The animated sequence in the beginning looked promising, but hopefully the game is free of any [current year] politics that would otherwise ruin a cool concept.

You can either look for the game to drop on November 21st, 2019 from participating digital distributors or you can add the game to your wishlist by visiting the Steam store.


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