Bloodshot Trailer Has Vin Diesel Wasting An Opportunity To Embrace His Inner Terminator

Vin Diesel can’t seem to get any franchises going as strong as The Fast & The Furious. Everything else seems to sputter and puff out like an old Geo Metro traveling Highway 50 through the scorching heat of a Nevada summer. Even still, Vinny D isn’t giving up and seems to want to try his hand at a new ultra-violent sci-fi franchise called Bloodshot, based on the comic book of the same name.

Valiant’s gory comic that deconstructs the industrial military complex seemed ripe for the Hollywood machine to get its clawed tentacles embedded deep within the fibers of its fictional skin, so it’s no surprise that semi-competent action hero, Vin Diesel, would try his hand at the leading role.

The trailer is nearly three minutes of exposition and explosions, with plenty of gore and violence tossed in for good measure. You can check out the trailer below.

I don’t think I need to tell anyone just how dumb it is that the trailer would give away the entire plot like that, along with the movie’s twist.

If you weren’t already familiar with the comic book series then the trailer leaves you little to chew through as far as surprises are concerned.

Basically, a high-tech company revives dead soldiers, scrambles their memories to control their motivations, and outfits them with nanomachines in their blood to reconstruct them whenever they take damage. This makes the soldiers ripe for all sorts of physical punishment and violent abuse, enabling them to walk right through gunfire, explosions, knife wounds, impalement, and blunt force trauma without dying.

Bloodshot - Terminator

There is one cool scene where Vin Diesel gets part of his head blown off only to reconstruct just enough to fire back at his assailant.

However, the whole hero shtick drastically takes away from the concept of the film. This would have been really badass if Vin Diesel had played it straight much more in-line with the work from which it derived, Universal Soldier.

A cold-hearted, calcalating killer who can’t die could have given Vin Diesel a much needed boost in role diversity, as he could have played opposite of another up-and-coming action hero to give them the rub much like Arnold did for Michael Biehn in the original Terminator (or not).

In any case, this movie seems like such a wasted opportunity to give Vin Diesel some muscles to flex as a villain instead of as an anti-hero.

Worse yet is that the trailer gives away almost all of the good bits and the plot twist for free. Yet another epic fail from Hollywood.

Also, speaking of Michael Biehn and Terminator, be sure to check out Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. It’s a really great game and an excellent homage to the 1980s action genre.

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