Bound By Blades, Furry-Bait Co-op ARPG Heads To Kickstarter

Zeth is a small group of industry veterans who have come together to work on a hand-animated, co-op action-RPG called Bound By Blades. The artwork is definitely inviting, but right off the bat you’ll notice that this is the kind of game that will most certainly end up being furry bait.

The game centers around a cuddly little furry takes with saving the land of Ashmyr from a deluge of dangerous monsters. You start off in the small town of Tumbra, where you learn skills, earn your combat stripes, and craft new equipment in order to fight more difficult monsters.

The pitch trailer for the game looks impressive enough, using a four-corners battle system where you can hack, slash, deflect, and dodge enemy attacks while moving across the board to each corner to maximize your tactical combat skills.

What’s neat about the combat is that depending on what you have equipped depends on how effective you are not just at offense but defense as well. One of the major drawbacks to a lot of games is that they always focus on tactically positioning oneself for offensive maneuvers, but here the game also encourages players to think about defensive measures as well, especially for the purpose of launching counter-attacks.

There are three playable characters, the ability to team up with a friend in co-op play, as well as plans to implement an end-game loop for maximum replayability.

Conceptually it doesn’t look bad, and it could be fun.

The only drawback is that the game will likely attract a community of furries.

That’s not to mention that Kickstarter is all kinds of converged. While they did shoot down a clandestine attempt to unionize, they still went and banned the comic book Lonestar because the hero beat down on the rapist-murderers known as MS-13. Yes, Kickstarter kicked off a comic book for portraying MS-13 as villains.

Anyway, if you’re still interested, you can visit the Kickstarter page for more info, or you can check out the demo over on the Bound By Blades page.

Alternatively, you can wishlist Bound By Blades by visiting the Steam store page.

They’re currently targeting a release on Steam, Linux, Windows, iOS, Android, and the Nintendo Switch. Don’t expect to see Bound By Blades on digital store shelves anytime soon, though. The currently release window is the third-quarter of 2022.

(Thanks for the news tip Guardian EvaUnit02)


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