Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Xbox Players Are Reporting Console Shut Downs

In current year where games release with a fist-full of degeneracy, bugs, microtransactions, low sales, and now soft console bricking, Activision and Infinity Ward are looking to get a piece of that current year pie with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Yes, reports have been coming in that the 2019 FPS game is shutting down Xbox consoles and even soft bricking some.

Website has a new piece up about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare causing Xbox One consoles to shut down or face unpleasant scenarios. Here’s the introductory paragraph of said site:

“At Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s launch day, we reported that multiple Xbox One users have reported that the game keeps crashing and shutting down the console automatically. While Infinity Ward has since acknowledged it and said that they are working on a fix, it seems this Modern Warfare Xbox One shut down issue is severe enough that it has bricked an actual console!”

Indeed, Activision and Infinity Ward are well aware that Xbox users are facing issues insofar that console shutdowns and soft bricking are likely to happen. Although the pair are working on a fix, according to, the damage is racking up.

The publication site veers over to the Xbox One subreddit and highlights user McVapey’s story and how he tried multiple times to play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on his Xbox One S after several crashes. Here’s what McVapey had to say:

“I don’t know how to add the ‘Tech’ flair so I hope this doesn’t get deleted. Maybe the Mods can add it?


So while playing groundwar with a couple of friends my game suddenly froze (5-10 seconds) before it ultimately shut my Xbox down completely. I attempted to turn my Xbox back on through the controller like normal, but I had to push the console’s button this time. Green screen pops up, takes a few seconds, and boom, back to playing. I play a few more games with my friends and again, the game freezes and shuts down the console. Repeat the previous cycle and the game starts again. 3rd time the game freezes and shuts my Xbox down, but this time after the green screen stays on for about 2 minutes and then the screen goes black. I’ve followed all of the reset options, hard reset, unplugged, let it sit, prayed to the universe, and nothing. While this might not have happened to everyone, I know others are reporting it. Anyone else want to chime in on what I can do/who I can contact?


Edit: Forgot to add that one of my friends that was playing was having the same issue. I am on Xbox one S, he has an Xbox One X.”

The user by the name of McVapey would end up coming back to update fellow Xbox owners and gamers alike on his situation by offering the following explanation:

UPDATE: Sorry for not updating sooner, Life stuff today and I just got a chance to try my Xbox again.. So after I posted this last night I continued to troubleshoot the problem. Tried the hard reset, unplugged everything, and did everything in between numerous times to no avail. So after 4 hours of leaving it alone and coming back with a new approach with no luck I called it a night. I read all the comments about the system overheating and thought I’d let it sit overnight with hopes today would bring better luck. So about an hour ago I tried to fire my console up. It green screened, and then went black again. So I let it sit, did some things around the house, and 45 minutes later… my home screen popped up. No errors, no hiccups, it just randomly started working like it has for the past 5 years. In the meantime, I’ve uninstalled my copy of CoD until I know it won’t continue to affect my console.”

McVapey would later end his post with a soapbox moment by stating his thoughts on the current games industry and the issues looming with Microsoft’s certification problems and developers shipping out broken games:

Soapbox: As y’all know, ultimately it’s your decision to play the game or not, but for me, my console takes priority over one game. I like CoD and would love to see this game be a success (especially with all the recent flops, bugs, unfinished games, loot boxes, etc.), but I personally can wait until is 100% confirmed that it’s fixed. Honestly I didn’t think this post would gain much, if any traction, so thank you all for commenting and bringing this problem to the light. For all my fellow gamers who have had similar/same problems as I have, I hope that your consoles start working again and my luck carries over to you. There is really no excuse for a AAA game with this much anticipation to have these levels of problems on ship day. To add to that, there is no excuse for Microsoft to clear this game without actually certifying problems like these don’t exist. Unfortunately guys/gals, this seems to be just another instance of the state of gaming that has been going on in the past few years. I’ll go back to being a skeptical gamer and wait until after a game has been out for a while before I spend my money. The days of midnight releases and day 1 hype has been washed out with problems, even with the big game companies.”

Sadly, McVapey isn’t the only one facing this issue. N4G user SpeakxThexTruth, Reddit users Bprevost99, and Quinten TCR also experienced such nonsense:


While some people might be thinking, “Well, it only happened to a few people, right?” The appropriate reply to that is triple-A games shouldn’t be doing this to mainstream consoles, and Microsoft certification team should be ashamed that this slipped past them — given that it can happen to Xbox One S and One X consoles.

Lastly, closes out its piece by saying that one of its writers had issues with the PS4 version freezing up and actuating a console database rebuild. In other words, Xbox gamers seem to have a higher chance of facing eyebrow-raising issues, but PS4 folks aren’t out of the equation.

Anyway, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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