Ciconia When They Cry, All-Ages Visual Novel Now Available
Ciconia When They Cry

07th Expansion and MangaGamer announced that Ciconia When They Cry, the third separate entry in the When They Cry series, has arrived for PC on both Steam and the MangaGamer storefront.

The all-ages visual novel can be picked up from over on the Steam store for $39.99, but during the first week on sale the game is discounted by 5% off for only $37.99. Alternatively, you can grab a digital copy of the visual novel from over on the MangaGamer store, where it’s also available for $39.99 but discounted down to $37.99 during the first week of its launch.

The visual novel follows a futuristic society following the tragic events of World War III, where technocrats have maneuvered war from big machines and flying fortresses to young boys and girls who can wield a devastating device known as the Gauntlet. These kids are trained to wield the Gauntlet in hopes of becoming a Gauntlet Knight. Little do they know that becoming a Gauntlet Knight isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and there are some dire consequences that arrive for those who go down the deadly and violent path of a Gauntlet Knight.

Much like Evangelion, the visual novel centers around the kids being moved around the chess board of war by shadowy figures and manipulative tyrants, as they focus on carrying out dangerous deeds for unscrupulous individuals who put their own conceit above the desires of man.

07th Expansion has been promoting this newest entry in the When They Cry series as having all new HD graphics, animated CG sequences, and all new music from the composers who worked on the Umineko When They Cry chapters.

If you enjoy 07th Expansion’s work and stories and were interested what the latest entry was like in the long-running When They Cry series, you can download the visual novel right now from participating digital distributors.

If you’re interested in learning more or checking out the free demo to get an idea of what the visual novel is like before committing to a purchase, you can do so by visiting the official website where an English trial version is available for download.


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