Construction Simulator 2 Set To Launch On Nintendo Switch November 6th
Construction Simulator 2

Astragon Entertainment announced that Construction Simulator 2 for U.S., gamers is currently available for pre-order right now on the Nintendo Switch, and the game is also scheduled to launch for the system via the Nintendo eShop starting November 6th for $19.99.

Those who pre-order the game will receive a 10% off discount on the initial price, but we all know how dangerous pre-ordering can be, and if NBA 2K20 and WWE 2K20 taught us anything, it’s that pre-ordering yearly releases is little more than a gateway to misery.

In any case, Construction Simulator 2 is arriving about a year late compared to the game’s release on the other platforms, but at least it’s arriving… yeah?

The game originally came out two years ago on mobile devices, and then a year later got an upgrade for the home console release.

Even though the Switch was rocking and rolling in the sales department at the time, it was a little difficult to get a port up and out for Nintendo’s little hybrid that could, so it was a year delayed but Astragon managed to get it done in the end.

Construction Simulator 2 features 60 different construction jobs to complete, including delivering materials, operating crane towers, laying down roads, excavation missions, and refurbishing cracked roads along the fictional highway set in a mid-western town.

Construction Simulator 2 also sports 40 licensed construction vehicles from major manufacturers and brands. Given that the game made its way onto mobile devices it’s no shock that it supports both handheld and TV mode for the Switch. Hopefully the playability and performance are up to par.

If you would prefer to play it on a more powerful system you can do so right now with Construction Simulator 2 being available on Xbox One and PS4. If you have a soft spot for the Switch, then you can look to get your hands on the game starting November 6th.


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