Contra: Rogue Corps Cheats Grant You Infinite Lives, Unlimited Health
Contra Rogue Corps Cheats

Oh boy, Konami really screwed the pooch on this game. Conra: Rogue Corps is getting a heck of a lot of well-deserved hate for not only departing from the tried-and-true formula, but also for making life miserable for PC gamers by gimping them with console-tier peasantry, such as hard-locked frame-rates at 30fps, problems handling resolutions above 1080p, and worst of all… input lag. Ouch. For any poor sucker that downloaded this tripe, there are some cheats available to help ease the pain, but not by much.

The first trainer is available for free from over on Cheat Evolution.

The trainer features the following Contra: Rogue Corps cheats:

  • Activate Trainer
  • Unlimited Health
  • One-Hit Kills
  • No Weapon Overheat
  • Unlimited Bombs
  • Rapid Fire
  • Instant Skills Cooldown
  • Unlimited Time
  • Easy Upgrade
  • Unlimited Money
  • Increase Game Speed
  • Decrease Game Speed
  • Reset Game Speed

Basically there’s everything there to make it easy for you to breeze through Contra: Rogue Corps without having to deal with the input lag getting you killed or the frame-drops costing you a win. Heck, maybe increasing the game speed might even fix the awful 30fps cap on PC? Might be worth a try.

There’s a second trainer available for download from over on

The trainer features the following cheats for Contra: Rogue Corps:

  • Heal player
  • +1 Life
  • Only 1 Life left
  • Low health
  • +1 Bomb
  • +5 Bombs
  • +5 Lives
  • No bombs
  • No weapon overheat
  • Infinite bombs
  • Sell Bodyparts: 100x multiplier
  • Cheap store items
  • Infinite lives
  • God mode
  • Easy machine kills
  • Easy soldier kills

The trainer supports both free and premium options. There are four different free cheats, including low health, only one life left, the ability to give yourself an extra life, and to instantly heal the player-character. Those aren’t the best free cheats, but they’re enough to get you from the credits to the credits without skipping a beat.

The premium cheats are definitely a lot more useful, ranging from getting easy kills to activating god mode. Most of the fun cheats are behind the more high-end premium memberships, so that’s something to consider.

There’s a third trainer you can download from over on the website.

The cheats featured in the Contra: Rogue Corps trainer are listed below:

  • God Mode/Ignore Damage
  • Infinite Lives/Retries
  • Weapons No Overheat
  • Infinite Rockets
  • Rapid Fire
  • Skills Instant Cooldown
  • Max Mission Time Limit
  • Develop/Upgrade Requires No Material
  • Weapon Upgrade No Level Requirements
  • Super Damage/One Hit Kill
  • Infinite Credits
  • Ignore Carnage Coins/Force Purchase
  • Set Game Speed

Those are many of the same cheats available in the other trainers, so there’s not much to say about that.

The biggest issue, of course, is Konami’s cash-grab tactics for a trash-fire outing for one of the most beloved and nostalgia-driven franchises out there.

All they had to do was take the old formula, spruce up the graphics, make it hard-as-nails, keep it side-scrolling, and call it a day. That’s it. They could have hired some die-hard indie devs who were fans of the series since forever, and they would have churned out a platinum-selling game that all the fans would have loved with just two year’s worth of work and a shoestring budget, much like Sonic Mania. But no, Konami had to go and funk everything up by acting like a dollar-crazy mafioso who only cares about cashing in on brand names while delivering junk in return.

Anyway, Contra: Rogue Corps is out and available over on the Steam store for PC, but it’s a broken mess and you either need to wait for a patch for it to get fixed or hope some modders give it some tender, love and care. Alternatively you can avoid the game completely and spare yourself the heart-ache. For people with a penchant for masochism, you can grab a copy of the game for the Nintendo Switch, PS4, or Xbox One.


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