Croteam Co-Founder And CTO Leaves Company, Will Join Google To Help With Stadia

Although there isn’t much news surrounding Serious Sam 4, which was announced way back in 2014 and is still in development as we speak, the game scheduled to release sometime in 2019 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One has lost its co-founder and CTO, Alen Ladavac.

Whatever it is that Devolver Digital and Croteam are doing right now with the fourth installment in the Serious Sam series of games, it looks like Ladavac won’t have any part in it anymore.

The co-founder / CTO at Croteam is moving on from the company and seeks to help out Google with its highly anti-consumer product known as Stadia.

According to website, Ladavac took to his LinkedIn account to relay that he is not only leaving the company known for titles such as Football Glory, Serious Sam, and The Talos Principle but that he’ll link up with Google:

“Here I’ve been, making great games with my gang at Croteam since the days when we used to ship games on floppy disks. We’ve made many respected titles, from Football Glory back in 1993, through the legendary Serious Sam franchise, and the one dearest to my heart: The Talos Principle. It’s been fantastic 25 years and I couldn’t be more proud of everything we’ve achieved.”

Continuing, Ladavac offers to the curious that he is starting his next phase at Google München to bring Stadia to the next level:

“I’m super excited to announce that I’m starting at Google München, joining the awesome Stadia team to work on finally bringing gaming into the cloud. What was once deemed impossible, now is the reality – and I’m grateful for a chance to contribute to this landmark undertaking.”

While serving as an engineering manager for Google on its streaming service, Croteam is still going to go through with its plans on developing video games and Serious Sam 4.

The question that remains unanswered right now is, will Serious Sam 4 release as a decent game? Or will it be a rushed messed?