Disney Suspected of Buying Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker Tickets

Once again Disney is getting criticized for potentially buying out theaters to prop up the sales figures for another one of their potential failures. As The Rise of Skywalker continues its desperate last minute re-shoots, word has begun spreading across various media and social media profiles that Disney has once again been caught mass purchasing tickets.

As discussed in the video by The Quartering, in an arguably harebrained move the first announcement that the ticket’s sales were a success came from Atom Tickets, a Disney financed ticket reseller where the director of the movie sits on the board. Soon headlines would switch to the former Disney CEO ran Fandango as the boasts increased not unlike a wild fisherman’s story.

Where Disney had been able to more smoothly get away with these purchases before, the latest round has been openly called suspicious by numerous users including Dataracer who provided conclusive proof of ticket sales being instantly purchased in abnormal blocks. At his local theater these block purchases ran from December 19th through December 26th coincidentally leaving out several of the most popular seats in the house.

Fans that are legitimately excited for this movie are on the national endangered species list. Some argue they’ve gone extinct in the wild, but others claim every so often one is documented or seen through reports are of a spurious nature. Despite their rare proclivity towards being so common they might be an extinct species Disney wants people to believe that this movie is outselling Avengers Endgame .

Yes the movie sensation that had to be released twice in order to be the number one box office success is being outsold by a movie whose theme park failed so bad Catherine Powell the president of Disney Parks West has been fired and her position dissolved, whose last cartoon series was cancelled because of low ratings, and whose last movie was the first in its entire franchise to not even break even has outsold Endgame.

A movie that had more people frothing at the mouth than a Jonestown farewell celebration is being outsold by Rise of Skywalker. How stupid does Disney think people actually are that they would just believe that without question?

This isn’t like Captain Marvel, which was riding off the coattails of Infinity War and had an air of believability to the mass ticket buy outs by Disney. This movie is coming off a dying franchise that has forsaken its long term fans and series creator to virtue signal and promotes a politicized agenda.

Much like Captain Marvel what may eventually come out on launch day are scores of tweets showing empty “sold out” theaters, empty concession lines, and further review rigging to obfuscate its critical failure. It is a wonder how Disney expects this to be pulled off at this juncture. The moment those tweets start coming in it will confirm the entire accusation, even if it doesn’t lay it square on the feet of Disney.

Look on a pragmatic scale we have two potential realities to choose from: Either reality one this movie with virtually no hype from fans has seemingly outsold Avengers: End Game or reality two Disney or someone on behalf of Disney is purchasing tickets to prop of the viewer numbers of a movie already strongly rumored to still be undergoing re-shoots. In that reality it is mere coincidence that the two companies that are selling all the tickets are connected directly to Disney. Of the two possibilities, what do you think is more likely?


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