Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain Gears up for October 15th PC Release

Earth Defense Force the long running Japanese series featuring destructible environments as players fight off gigantic aliens who have invaded the Earth gears up to release Iron Rain. Iron Rain initially released for the PS4 on April 11 2019 featuring a story with a more serious tone compared to the mainline series.

Do not mistake that to mean an interjection of politics. The Earth Defense series is known for its somewhat cheesy, but intense storylines. Second playthroughs of missions will often have you laughing at some of the corny dialog in-between more serious moments. This  lighthearted brevity highlight the stark darkness that creeps in as the story progresses with humanity’s defense crumbling to near apocalyptic levels. Levels that get so dark you begin to wonder if your actions are ultimately futility against overwhelming odds that you are merely delaying the inevitable of your own death and the extinction of humanity.

Iron Rain features 4 different character each customizable with the series first character creator. Each features an entirely unique play style that ranges from tank, to air dominance, to my person favorite level the map with air strikes, and the soldier. When the developers boast of 5 difficulties it is because the series is difficult. Hard without unlocks is an intense experience, hardest will test your wit as much as it will your reaction time and legendary will leave you feeling legendary. Iron Rain launches on October 15th on Steam.



Save the world without hope.
Year 2040. An action TPS where you will become one of the EDF soldiers and fight against the invaders from outer space which ruined the world. In the world settings which differs from the original “EARTH DEFENSE FORCE” series, more than 50 missions in five difficulties await for your challenge.


-50+ Missions in Five Difficulties
The furious battle against the invader Aggressors is full of chaos. Includes 50+ severe missions, where you must fight against gigantic enemy creatures and huge invader weapons in 5 different difficulties.


-4 Mobile Soldiers and Weapons
You will become the legendary mobile soldier which controls 4 different PA Gears, several hundreds weapons, arms and items. Regain hope to human beings.


-Bring Personality to the Battlefield
Includes character creation mode. You can select your favorite gender, face, hair style, weight, voice and outfit. You can also change the personality of yourself.


-Enriched Off-Line and On-Line Mode
When playing the off-line mode, the split-screen will be supported. Also, when playing the on-line mode, you can co-op with other EDF members around the world.


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