Enchanted Portals, Cuphead-Inspired Platformer Hits Kickstarter On Oct 24th
Enchanted Portals

There’s a new action-platformer on the way called Enchanted Portals, which looks pretty much like a Cuphead clone. The developers behind the game sent out the trailer for the title ahead of the Kickstarter campaign to ramp up hype.

Nintendo Life spotted the trailer for the game, which features two rookie magicians, Bob and Penny, having to dimension-hop to retrieve the pages from their magic book after haphazardly opening up a portal.

You can see what the gameplay is like with the trailer below.

Visually, the game looks perfect.

The character designs and animations are absolutely on point. They aren’t Flash animated like a lot of other games out there. The developers took the time to do frame-by-frame sequencing for the characters, which gives it that classic 1930s look that Studio MDHR managed to achieve with Cuphead.

It doesn’t have the old-time TV filter like Cuphead, but that’s fine.

There were some criticisms by casuals and normies, claiming that the game looks too much like Cuphead, but for now all we’ve seen are the boss fights and core gameplay mechanics, which involves fighting a variety of enemies across different different environments.

I think one thing that could help the game stand out is if they have some side-scrolling segments like Cuphead, but mix up the way the levels are designed so it doesn’t feel quite as derivative. Maybe toss in a few mini-games, some vertical scrolling segments, or any number of other features to help give the game more of its own identity.

In any case, I’m sure we’ll get to see more of the game and learn more about what the developers have in store when the Kickstarter campaign goes live on October 24th for PC and Nintendo Switch. For now, I definitely like what I see, and having more Cuphead style shooters on the market is not a bad thing at all.


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