Fortnite Launches Chapter 2

Fortnite Fishing

Celebrations of Fortnite’s death were brought to an end today as the Blind Idiot God upchucked the Fortnite universe along with its twitter page. Relaunching under the moniker of “Chapter 2” the new season features the long rumored new map, several new and refined mechanics, a less grindy season system, and cosmetics to unlock and purchase.

No the last item listed is not a bitter cynical shot at the latest season of Fortnite. Prominently showcased after the trailer and advertisement that you can make 1500 Vbucks for 950 is wall to wall cosmetic promotion. New backpacks, picks axes, weapon wraps and ways to express yourself were the primary focus of the majority of the season 11 page.

Details from the Chapter 2 page on the other hand focused on the numerous improvements and new features now available in Fortnite. As long rumored the map has been completely overhauled with 13 new locations and deeper waters. The Deeper waters allow for the new motorboat and swimming mechanics to shine. Players can also opt to be sitting ducks and fish for a short period of time to acquire new weapons, but that’s probably going to be a quick way to get killed.

Exploration is greatly rewarded in the new streamlined season 11 system. Experience is awarded for activities in game such as opening chests, making kills, and completing the typical weekly challenges. All aimed to make the season vastly less grindy, so players were compelled to buy levels. Now players can earn levels quicker through their own dedication.

Team mechanics received an equal overhaul. You can heal your teammates with the bandage bazooka and drag them to safety after they’ve been downed. Criticism can be levied that this is just copying idea from Apex Legends with an implementation from traditional shooters, but it wouldn’t be the first time Epic borrowed concepts from other games.

Minor world improvements have been made to gas stations that now implode and hay stacks you can now hide in. Versus stand in and walk out when someone walked by. Regardless players will most likely take to destroying both upon contact to avoid any danger that may result from keeping them around.

The game’s largest improvement centers around guns. If you’re one of those people who RNJesus hates for some unknowable transgression your ancestors have committed you’ll be happy to know you can upgrade weapons with materials in game. No longer are you going to be stuck desperately trying to find a high level weapon for the end game, now you can simply gather materials and upgrade at workbenches to raise the weapons quality.

At this juncture you are either already playing the new season or you have absolutely not intention of touching it. Many of the improvements are indeed welcome after the disaster that was season 10, but at the core of the experience it is the same game with the exact same shortcomings. Motorboats and fishing didn’t change that to any noticeable degree.