GTFO 15-Minute Gameplay Video Highlights Stealth, Teamwork, And Enemy Swarms

10 Chambers Collective’s GTFO is basically like a mix between Payday 2 and Aliens: Colonial Marines, the good parts. The game sees a group of prisoners sent into a deep, dark, not-so-abandoned facility as they attempt to complete objectives for the surface tyrants, but things almost always go wrong, with players being trapped in dire situations while monsters, mutants, and things that go bump in the night try to rip, tear, shred, spread and split you.

The game recently received 15 brand new minutes of gameplay footage that you can check out below, featuring a four-player survival mission where you get a look at some of the locations you’ll be visiting and some of the enemies you’ll be encountering.

The video was posted up over on IGN’s YouTube channel, which you can check out below.

The video starts with the four being dropped into the facility with the objective to retrieve a DNA core sample from inside a storage unit.

Once the team drops into the map things go awry and they get spotted by a couple of enemies. However, they manage to stealthily take out a few other enemies in the next room in order to conserve on ammo.

They make their way through an excavation area and kill a few of the baddies. They rely mostly on melee weapons but do use the projectile-based weapons to take out the enemies.

GTFO - Sneaky

Much like Payday 2, players are rewarded for using stealthy gameplay, enabling players different ways to approach different scenarios.

The video gets intense when they have to activate an alarm and then attempt to fortify a bridge area where multiple enemies attack from different locations.

The bio-scanner comes in handy for a lot of the mission as they use it to scan each room before they go inside. It’s basically what Aliens: Colonial Marines should have been.

One of the core components of the game is teamwork. You see how each player has an important role to play. Someone has to basically keep watch of enemies, others will need to clear out fogs or place turrets.

The mission doesn’t quite go over as well as the team hopes, and during one of the swarms they all get wiped. It looks like a solid co-op experience for people looking for something a little more large-scale than what Overkill Software produced with Payday 2. I’m not entirely fond of the weapons or some of the enemy designs, but the atmosphere looks good and there’s definitely some creepy vibes to the way the facility is setup.

You can look for the Unity-powered shooter to arrive in Early Access at some point in 2019. For more information or to wishlist the game, be sure to visit the Steam store page.


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