Kamala Khan Is Marvel’s Avengers Protagonist Because She Is “A Super Relatable Character” And A “Fangirl”

If you are rhinking if Captian America or Iron Man were one of the main characters in Square Enix, Crystal Dynamics, and Eidos Montréal’s Marvel’s Avengers, you’d be wrong. Why would you be wrong? Well, because the two iconic heroes are not “a super relatable character” and a “fangirl” like Kamala Khan as per senior producer Rose Hunt.

Catching wind from website gamingbolt.com, the reasoning behind Kamala Khan has nothing to do with her bringing something substantial to the story in terms of her powers, intellect, wit or the fact that she has popular reach like Captain America or Iron man, no, it’s because she’s a fangirl and the devs can mold a story around her non-established character.

The site sourced the above information from IGN’s trip to the Virgin Media held EGX 2019 event in London, where the senior producer Rose Hunt appeared to help answer questions and promote the game.

When IGN pressed to learn more about Kamala Khan and why she is the main character, Hunt did not hesitate to tell the silly reasoning behind the heroine’s role as the protagonist in the forthcoming action-adventure game:

“When Marvel brought [Kamala Khan] up as a possibility for us, we were super excited about her, because she’s a fan girl like us. She’s a fan of the Avengers like the whole world is, so we thought that she would be a super relatable character to be our protagonist.


And another advantage of her is that she doesn’t have 80 years of history, like Captain America or some of the other other Avengers and that allows us to actually tell more of an original story with her, because her story has just begun, and we can build on that in very interesting ways.”

As for Marvel’s Avengers’ main story, the game sees Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow, and Thor blaming themselves for the mass devastation on A-Day and the loss of Captain America.

Also, on that day, Kamala Khan got hit with the “Terrigen Mist” during the unanticipated attack — giving her stretchy and healing powers.

Fast-forward by five years after A-Day, and the Avenger’s absence has devastating consequences worldwide. In the group’s place comes a questionable and secretive new organization named Advanced Idea Mechanics (AIM). Attempting to stop this group is Kamala Khan and Bruce Banner (or the Hulk).

On this journey, gamers can pick from Captian America, Iron Man, Black Widow, the Hulk, Thor, Kamala Khan, and Ant-Man so far.

Anyway, if this game seems interesting to you for some reason, then you have until May 15th, 2020, before it lands on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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